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Raspberry Mac

so I came across an article from six years back where someone built an itty-bitty Mac Laughing out loud

Mini Mac

and such retro Mac feats are getting more attractive every day, at least to me that I love tinkering (at least the idea of it, lol)

so what would be the coolest Hackintosh project to build? and has anyone here worked on anything like this? Smile

I love the recent iRaspbian OS X look, but what about a never-before built Mac that multi-boots into System 6, Mac OS 7.6.1 and possibly OS 8.6 and OS 9? and what could the Mac itself look like?

Ahhh, the boot selector could tempt you with whatever OS version you want to run and then immediately begins to boot your desired Mac, now wouldn't that be something!

Anyway, like I said, I love fun-tinkering projects like these, even though my all-thumbs capabilities have not done much more than get a Raspberry Pi 3 that's in the closet with nothing more than a few ideas for it atm, but it's still fun to think about working on something like this Wink


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Closest I've ever done was a) made steps toward a Macquarium using a 512k Mac (but never finished it), and b) having vMac as a boot target under DOS (along with a number of other systems) back when that was still a thing. I enjoyed that system so much that once I have my current projects under control I might set up a new emustation.

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That sounds sweet, Deserted! Smile

I had people just in awe as I used the Mac OS in Basilisk II using a cheap Android phone, an Android phone! That setup is so, so tiny that if you take a simple phone like that and turn it into a tiny Mac, even that would work, wow!

But an Android tablet might make more sense, but I was thinking about a Raspberry Pi because it's modular by design.