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question regarding digitizing disks...

was easy to sort out how to upload cd softwares but now I had to ask how I would go along with also uploading disk softwares too as I'm very certain toast files are the wrong thing by a long shot?
*grins like silly*

I have 10.4.11 (installed 10.4 itself then the combo 10.4.11 update) with these medias-related additionals so far;
- toast 9 titanium
- stuffit 11
- virusbarrier x5 (in always-on background mode, I don't mind it atm)

I don't mind still installing one more software purely for the purpose of medias-sorting-time if its recommended so!

as a sop to this my ebay-got-it LS120 drive arrived outside front door (its rural here mind you) somewhere in the early afternoon and I finally tried a random expendable apple disk in it a short time ago to confirm that indeed it works with showing up both in disk utility and the desktop. theres a few unique disks I want to eventually get around to with this


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Toast and Stuffit sounds good for a start, .toast is basically the same as .iso.
Best stick with an older version of Stuffit for downward compatibility.
I found Stuffit 3.6 to be quite versatile and not too new for vintage Macs.
DiskUtility also has an option to store a CD image as CD/DVD master (.cdr), which does serve the purpose of preservation too.
Quite a few members here are using IMGBurn for Windows to create CD/DVD (.iso) images, as IMGBurn is really fool proof, creating images of Mac disks just fine.
IMGBurn is also clever enough to notice that .ISO is not possible for several reasons and will suggest storing as bin/cue instead.