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PROJECT: Hail the power of System Enablers

As per Apple's restrictions, a Macintosh model either cannot run a version of the SSW earlier than what it first shipped with. Apple originally introduced System Enablers only so that restriction wouldn't make them have to release new versions of the SSW that are only updated to support the new Macintosh models, but System Enablers ("gbly"s created using "MACS") actually have much more power in them (and that power is used by the "SSW 7.5 Update" and "SSW 7.5.2 Update" files in SSW 7.5.3, which are in System Enabler format). Now we might do four tests with the power:

  1. Run code at the level of boot ID = 2 which makes all "PTCH" resources "inaccessible" (if the system successfully boots under that restriction, tools like TattleTech might "tell us the truth" about Macintosh models and ROM copiers might work where they used to fail)
  2. Make more use of the boot ID = 2 resource, this time making an "Old World" Macintosh boot Linux (or maybe A/UX) before ROM patches, Mac OS drivers, and anything else that the new kernel would otherwise have to take over, are even loaded into RAM... or maybe, since it can't be done by just about any application in Mac OS 8 or 9, take a "RAM dump" (where the "daughtercard ROM" that loads the firmware from flash memory must be hiding somewhere) and "flash memory image" of an iMac (unless it's easier to do the same using a custom \\:tbxi)
  3. Last things last, SSW 7.5.5 works on any Macintosh model from a Macintosh Plus to a Power Macintosh 9500 PowerBook G4 with the use of a "Heaven Enabler" manually crafted from the "gbly" and "gusd" components of later system files, as well as the "PTCH" components if they are needed, and maybe the latest "boot" ID = 2 that is known to still successfully boot SSW 7.5.5 on a Macintosh Plus when it replaces that same part of the 7.5.5 System file while providing the necessary code for the "New World" Macintosh models it intends to support.

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