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PowerBook 100 series modern networking?

Since I've given up on finishing Copland, is anyone interested in the idea of giving an original 100 series PowerBook wireless capabilities? I had this idea to take a floppy disk and convert it, sort of like that French mobile network prototype for PowerBooks in the 1990s that was never released. It sounds good on paper, but I'd like some hardware thoughts (I'm a software guy), and some general feedback from you guys. Thanks!


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Sorry to hear you have been dropping your Copland project.

I have a faint memory of a Olympus device, being a kind of floppy adapter to read the files from your camera´s Smart Media card.
Maybe Olympus made the docs public. The MAFP-1 may be a starting point, if the SM interface could be changed to something for a SD-WIFI card and if it could be hacked to support sending and recieving data.
Fun fact: It was called Flash Path, Snail Path would have been more illustrative.

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I believe newertech made a 10Base-T card for the 100 series. Just get one of those and a Netgear WNCE2001 and you are set.