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OS X booting Pan/Tig/Leo - a tale of two exxes

The boot sequence shows a gray screen with the big Apple icon and a spinning progress wheel, and from there it goes to a blank blue screen.

But sometimes there is a third screen in between those two, in which a blank solid color gets displayed for only a half sec or quarter sec.

The screen can be "flashed" some solid color at this critical juncture. Such 'syntax' in general is traditionally a fault code, various colors indicating some 'fault'. Anybody know about this, or, everybody not know about this?


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I know about this and read a tech document on it once. The only color I can remember is red, although I'm sure there are others as well. I can't remember what it signifies, but I think it has something to do with feedback from the bootloader.

But I can't even remember whether that's on Open Firmware or EFI models. I *think* it's to do with tbxi loading.

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I'm seeing it on 10.3-10.5 PowerPC, just going with what I know, others can have it too. So the transition from gray to blue is normal. Some third Alert color, teased in between, means something. I've seen orange, maybe the same as your red. And graphite/charcoal.

I believe it's farther out than the bootloader. My system spends roughly 50/50 booting on the gray vs the blue. An Alert showing halfway through booting means it could be reacting to Extensions, for example.

Anyway, I bet half the people reading this, as it applies to them doing osx booting, have a third color and have been ignoring it. I know how to perform a suspect move which makes a third color appear, and then reverse the steps to make the color stop. When y'all learn what's causing that you'll be kicking yourselves. It is a questionable action, therefore it must be no color Alert is best/standard and, having a color Alert is of concern. The graphite Alert is particularly nasty because its choice of color blends in to the gray-blue transition, making it seem of no concern.