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Need Some help pricing stuff for eBay

I am selling Intel Macs so that I can get a vintage Mac desktop like a Centris or powermac G4 or a simple laptop such as a 12" Macbook from 2015 or a vintage one like a 5300cs not sure though but was inspired by system 7 today to Do this so what I am selling is as follows:

a black Late 2007 MacBook with a battery that I had to tape down for it too fit since the knob is broken off
a White early Intel MacBook in pristine condition
a Late 2008 MacBook Pro 2.4ghz 15" in also pristine condition running Windows XP sp2
a OG MacBook Air 2008 that I can't find the case screws for and has no sound hard drive (for personal protection) and has a non working battery
A Late 2010 MacBook Air with/without a wrecked logic board
and my second Surface rt (already sold the original though)


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Why don't you price each of them at $1 and let the market decide what they are worth?
This strategy can work out well.
All you need are two buyers who make an emotional investment, who decide they both want it.
Once the auction has generated many bids, more will be attracted by the attention it has already received.
Offer reasonable shipping rates and international shipping to widen the field of interest.

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Yeah i am trying to get rid of this stuff as fast as i can it takes up too much space (Parents complain about all the stuff i have) besides most of it i hardly ever use and i want to get something meaningful that can suit me well as whenever i get some computer something is wrong with it already listed the stuff as best i could at 11:30PM at night before taking to bed

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Intel Macs are worth nothing