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MorphOS ...

Read the reply below for a follow-up and impressions of Morph running on an MDD (DP with Radeon 9000 Pro).

Does anyone know the exact specs for setting up a drive for MorphOS? The help desk there doesn't seem to know and I've verified the disk image and all the usual stuff, but the installer hangs whenever it gets to the partition setup (pointer still works), and if I do the manual setup, can get to the next screen but keep getting the "The Volume is Uninitialized" error and "No Bootable Volume" message (install is greyed-out).

Am wondering if they had a better Read Me in the early days? Otherwise, sound and video acceleration seem great (from the live disc).

Thanks if anyone has dealt successfully with this. Am installing on an MDD PowerMac.


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I started using MorphOS v3.8 on Mirror Door model. Back then, they had support for PowerMac G4 and Radeon 9000 but they didn't yet have support for PowerMac G5 nor Radeon 9600 which they do now. Anyway, their solidly supported storage drive method on PowerMac G4 is to utilize a native ATA port. They claim to have recently added SATA support, but that support appears primitive (my SATA cards aren't working in conjunction with MorphOS). I can format/install/boot MorphOS using an SSD and PATA adaptor on the ATA-33 port I am, and the bootable install CD is in an optical drive attached to the ATA-66 port.

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So here is a recent test...While the current MorphOS WebBrowser isn't perfect (can't actually display the CSS of Youtube BUT will play the videos a fair bit faster than TenFourFox - how about that) it does work fine for a lot of sites (like Amazon). There is a ridiculous amount of user-ported apps and current development going on (so obviously other browsers to try). Overall, while there is still not Multi-Processor support, it is very close to the speed and 'peppiness' of booting into OS9.
MPlayer works better in Morph than CorePlayer does in Tiger running 720p/H.264 videos and most of the apps are really competent. Lots of customization options and reads just fine from other OSX drives. Overall, pretty amazing. Feels like an alternate universe where OS9 kept being improved on and finally got Preemptive Multitasking. Also, a lot of pretty NEWISH things like VPN clients and that sort of thing. Pretty cool to have native DOS support too for old games.

Really Weird FUN stuff. Will likely pay the $100 to see how deep this rabbit whole goes.