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Memory usage of MacOS 7.5.3 ("System Software uses 126 megabyte")

Hi all,

Added 128 megabyte of ram to my MacIICX and found out that applications still constantly complain about having not enough memory. Opening "About this Macintosh" revealed that "System Software" is taking 126 megabyte, and the largest available block is 4 megabyte. Is my MacOS doing something wrong? I'd expect there would be no ram/memory issues after installing such an amount of ram. Is it the wrong ram perhaps?

Could not find an answer to this question on the forum. I suspect this is a weird situation.



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You need to turn on 32-bit addressing with "Mode32" software, which is available here.

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I came across this page about a Mac II "unclean" ROM replacement, which is kind of interesting, for the curious:

Based on based on Doug Brown’s "Mac ROM SIMM design" is the completed "Mac ROM-inator II"

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Thank you @sstaylor, that works. I did read it a few times before, but didn't remember it. The mac is happy now.

@MikeTomTom: That is an absolutely awesome mod Smile I'm ordering one!