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MDD install help please

I bought an MDD FW400, and battle a lot to make it work (it was initialy a FW800, but replaced the motherboard and now it works). From my previous machine (G3 B&W) I transfered the HD and it works fine: On one HD is the OS10.4 and on the other HD is OS9.2.2.
I downloaded the MDD resore discs, as I wanted the original OS9 but I encountered the followin:
1. the installation can be done on OSX HD only (the OS9 is red crossed)
2. I open the first Restore Disk and it asked for the disk itself (insert the disck with the following symbol) - which is in the machine!
What is wrong?
Much appreciated

Thank you


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The Restore CDs with that Mac (I have one) restore the whole OS X apps, QuickTime, some other stuff (can't remember) and OS9. So can you confirm that you are attempting a Partial Restore ? This is obvious to you if you are doing it, you get a choice of 4 options, OS9 is one of them, QuickTime is another.

May be a number of reasons why you can't restore to the OS9 HD:
Could be the size ? Is it above 200GB ?
Could be the lack of OS9 Drivers installed. If you reformatted it in 10.5. I know you said it came from a G3, but you may have done some tinkering since then.
Could be because OS9 is already installed.

Whatever happened, it's perfect sense to include OS9 on the OS X HDD. The two co-exist very happily.

Just to confirm that the Restore app runs from within OSX, there's no booting from these CDs.

It sounds like you want the "OS9 General.dmg" off one of the CD's - it's in a hidden folder, so you can't get it in the Finder without some third party tool, or you can use Terminal to copy it to your desktop. Or you can download it from this site, if the links are still valid. It's about 300MB. Mount it in OS X and drag all the contents to the top level of your HDD. This will put a bootable OS9 and all the OS9 apps in place for you.

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There are 2 possibilities:

1. You actually have a Firewire 800 MDD (can't boot OS9 - Period).

2. You have one of the later MDD's that have the 167 MHz bus - these require a special version of OS9 that is compatible with the higher bus speed.
You can get the special OS9 package here:

Then when it is working, you can copy programs (+ application support files if needed) from your old build to the new one.

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1. What formated is second HD?
HFS? HFS+? Other?
2. Do you try boot from CD?