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MARS scenario tools


If any of you have downloaded Prince of Destruction and played it, you'll know that it uses the "MARS" engine to play. I was just wondering.....

Ages ago I contacted the guy who made the game and asked him if he had the scenario building tools available (there is a site to download them, but the link is broken). He said he was moving house and didn't know where exactly they were; so I'm branching out.

Does anyone have a copy of these tools? Someone in the abandonware community must still have a copy of these somewhere.



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Very interesting, yes I uploaded PoD here and used to play it as a kid. This Mars tool file looks worth checking out. Thanks for this. I'll see what I can do about getting the file. Smile


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I'd love to have that too!

BTW they released PoD for free, registration info here:

That is also the developers website.

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Thanks a heap, the serial number has already been added here! Wink