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Mac OS 9.2.2 PCL Printer

I was wondering if PCL printers are supported by Mac OS 9? I have a Brother HL-L2370DW. It has PCL emulation. I don't think it supports PostScript. How do I get this working? or is it not possible?


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No, PCL is traditionally an HP/Windows thing, although someone eventually wrote a translator for CUPS to handle PCL 5e / 6 definitions around OS X 10.5 I believe. I seem to recall I even got 10.2 to handle a few PCL definitions via GIMP-Print -- but never Brother printers.

Probably better to use print to PDF or print to postscript and shift the document to some other computer that can print to that printer.

Printers I've got to work with OS 9: Apple, Epson, some HP. Ones I've never had any luck with: Brother, Ricoh, Lexmark. Some that have special Apple versions: HP, Minolta.

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Depending on how brave you feel about messing around, you might consider downloading a PCL driver from another manufacturer (Oki, Ricoh, etc), and see if one of those work. You may need to mess with RedEdit and modify the appropriate resource(s) so that the driver looks for a printer named "HL-L2370DW" instead of "OKI 123XYZ".

Hacking aside, I'd have to concur with adespoton - print to a PDF and generate the hard copy with another machine or OS.

I feel your pain Smile I used to own an old HP LJ II (with a serial -> parallel adapter cable!) until I was forced to replace it and now own a Brother HL-5370DW, which fortunately supports both PS and PCL.

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If it is an old printer, it may be supported by PowerPrint. The software is in the Garden but you'll need to find the cable that went with it. It may even have been a simple serial-to-parallel cable, for that matter.
I bought an Oki 321dn and, to my surpise, it supports EtherTalk. Have a good look inside the settings of your Brother printer. There are printer drivers for Brothers on this site too.