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is Mac OS 9.2 honestly limited to 32 character length filenames?

Are there any hacks or 3rd party applets for longer filenames using OS 9.2? It feels as if the support is there under the hood, dormant or offline, for more than 32 chrs or 31 really is the limit I'm finding.


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Use Joliet Volume Access for CD/DVD long filename viewing.
Install the 2nd DL; version JVA_2.1b5.sit (536.11 KB) for full 9.2 compatibility.

Install & try the final 1.1.0 version of Kilometer Browser for Mac OS 9.x:

  • Kilometre Browser shows the files stored in your Macintosh disks with up to 255 characters.
  • Additionaly it can:
    • Rename a file with up to 255 characters.
    • Edit the Finder comments.
    • Change file visibility, lock and stationery attributes, type and creator, Unix permissions, owner and group.
    • Show file creation date, modification date and backup date.
    • Duplicate or make alias of files preserving their long file names.

    More info on Kilometre Browser here - Now simply called "Kilometer".

    Older versions can be DL'd from here (Wayback Machine).

    Full info for Joliet Volume Access still at author's site.

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    You may be able to have a filename with more than 32 characters, but the issue is that most software doesn't expect or understand it. Even under early versions of OS X there are issues.

    Adobe apps, for example, will internally rename files to a shorter version with strange "#" numbers on the end. It works fine as long as you are only using "Save" and the file keeps the old name, but when you use "Save As" you're given the internal name instead (in some case if you change that back to the original longer name to overwrite the old file, the app will simply crash when trying to save - you have to use a shorter name, then rename it in the Finder back to the longer version).

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    uhhuh, I have an early OSX version of BBEdit which won't accept more than a 32 chr filename typed into the save box.

    ..."will internally rename files to a shorter version with strange '#' "

    OS9-X do this themselves without helper apps. OSX allows longer filenames to be installed, then when I boot into OS9 and view those files in Finder, 32 or more characters is reduced to 32 with a code overlapping the last 5 or so characters. The codes are probably what's known as 'hash table' values, a kind of Checksum upon the filename characters which get rendered as missing.

    It'd be cool to get even a partially working solve to this. Photo and music are notorious for long filenames. Import some photo or music library into OS9 and wind up with hundreds of "#a1b2c3" type filenames yuk.

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    kilometre is nice, just an applet, it doesn't try to hook in with extensions. Just seeing the full filename is enough, And when in OSX kilometre will preview what 32chr reduction in filenames will be. Also the ability to view and edit creator and Type codes using hexadecimal instead of ascii, neato.

    MTT has good answers as usual.