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Joined: 2017 May 26
Looking for Mac Mini G4 Software restore discs

Hello I'm looking for Mac Mini G4 late 2005 Software Restore Discs Set. Meybe someone has them Smile

- Wojtek prudicz


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Joined: 2013 Dec 29

I would just do a clean install of whatever OS you want to run.

You can either install 10.4.6 or any version of Leopard.
Depends on if you want classic support or not. Leopard does not support classic mode.

iLife is here.

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Joined: 2010 May 31

This reminds me that I need to rip and upload my early 2005 Mac Mini restore disks here soon (unless they're here already; haven't checked yet)...

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Joined: 2017 May 26

There aren't any Mac mini restore discs for G4 or Intel Sad in download section. I'll b glad if you can do this Smile

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Joined: 2017 Aug 22

I don't mean to rezz an older thread, but I also would love to grab a copy of the original restores for an early 2005 Mac mini G4. Still running one and the restore media would make an awesome addition to my collection.

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Joined: 2017 Jan 21

Check my collection at

If I have the medias you want, I can upload it to MG.

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Joined: 2009 Jun 14

I have 4 of these (1.33GHz), I hope that you find the discs (I don't have them).

It just reminds me of the years I spent trying to find original disks for one of my G4 DAs, eventually ordering them from the USA. Got them, installed the original OS, hated it and installed 10.3.9 instead, which runs like a dream.
When I got my Mini G4's, after upgrading the RAM, I just put 10.5 on, it's perfect (I have an MDD for Classic).

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

I have an original install set for Mac Mini 2005 (I think its for an early to mid 2005 as opposed to late 2005, but am not certain).

Mac OS X Install Disc 1
Mac OS version 10.4
AHT version 1.0
Disc version 1.0
This is a single layer DVD

Mac OS X Install Disc 2
Includes Mac OS 9.2
This is a dual layer DVD

Curiously, the Install Disc 2 bears the same "2Z691-5499-A" ID code as the Install Disc 2 on the Apple PowerBook G4 Early 2005 page here. Because the code is the same, this must be the same disc (the printing on the DVD label is also the same).

So I'm thinking that if I was to upload Install Disc 1 to a page, I would only need to add a link to the disc 2 on the other page.

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I have a set of DVDs for the 1.42 GHz G4 model, but I think they might be too scratched to rip... And besides, I can't upload DVD images because my home WiFi is data-limited. Sorry Tongue

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Joined: 2014 Nov 14

There seem to have been at least 3 different software releases for the Mac Mini G4 from what I can see.

a) early 2005 with 10.3.7 (1.25GHz and 1.42GHz)
b) (mid?) 2005 with 10.4.0 (1.25GHz and 1.42GHz)
c) late 2005 with 10.4.2 (1.33GHz and 1.5GHz)

I have two G4 minis and have found the software pack for one of those which has 10.4.0 on it. I could upload that but OP wanted the later one and seems to have vanished, anyway.

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There is no early, mid & late models. The Mac Mini G4 was introduced in January 2005. However, Apple has upgraded the machine two times. One in July 2005 & another in September 2005. That last upgrade was made silently by Apple...