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Locations for digging up older software

This isn't really a request, but I've been sifting through the archive of the old Apple Mirrors FTP site, and noticed something interesting... the various dates archived there have very different collections of software.

So if you're searching for something that was put on a public server, you may want to check different dates. I've found the following dates useful:

I hope this helps others in their hunt! At various points, this location held different Apple software updates, Info-Mac mirrors, UMich mirrors, ScriptWeb and Jagubox mirrors, CyberDog stuff, and in the very last mirror, a mysterious "tmp" folder containing the single file J.sitx, a 363MB file from 2005.


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Very interesting!

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That J.sitx only contains a which in turns to be some unrelated ukulele MV.

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If anyone could keep an eye out for the graphics demo (demoscene) "NIKAD", I'd be extremely grateful. Not sure if it's in any of those mirror archives, but who knows...