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List of Games That Run on a Monochrome (B&W) Mac?

Is there a list of games that will run on a monochrome (B&W) Mac? I prefer the compact Macs but sometimes it's hard to tell which games are also available in monochrome version. I've learned that just because the screenshot on the site is in color doesn't mean that there isn't also a monochrome version. Is there a certain year that they generally stopped making monochrome compatible games?

Another quick question. Is it worth using a SE/30 over a Classic if I'm strictly into gaming? I like the speed bump on certain games with the SE/30 (Bards Tale for instance), but there are some compatibility and speed issues. I was wondering if any monochrome games actually required an 030? Seems unlikely but you never know.



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Sam and Max can switch to B/W.

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Sam & Max switches to B&W, or does Scumm?

I know Blobbo Lite DOES work in System 6.

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The system requirements should be detailed enough, and where they run in both, it should say so.
Otherwise as long as the Classic passes all the listed requirements, give it a go. Then post your results.

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I don´t know what kind of games you are after, but may be these are what you were looking for?

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For B&W games, the best way is to give it a try. If the requirements indicate Mac OS 6.0.x there's a good chance the game will support B&W. You can find games that support B&W under Mac OS 7.x up until the mid 90s.
As for the type of compact Mac. I used to do everything on SE/30s until they successively all died (after multiple rounds of replacing the caps, clean-ups, etc). Too much work. I switched to Mac Pluses. With a 4MB upgrade, a good fan and a hard drive/zip, these units are still quite durable and versatile, and run pretty much any B&W game smoothly. Also they're cheap to replace, generally less than $50 on auction sites, shipping and random goodies included.

Edit: Changed 'xxx 7' to 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

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When it comes to b&w compatibility, I always try to add a b&w screenshot, too.