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Issues mounting disk images on Basilisk II

Hey, I was posting here a while back about Mini vMac and now I've fired up Basilisk II. I've been finding that I'm having trouble with games if they are a .dsk or .img a CD file. I've been successful in setting a few of them up by adding them as a volume in the Basilisk II GUI program. But many of them, once I open up Basilisk II, are not recognised and the emulator just wants to initialise them (ie. Warlords II, Diamonds, At The Carnival).

Am I doing something wrong, is this not the best way to mount disk images? Or is there something wrong with the original files?


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Mounting images with the BII GUI would have been my first thought too.
Disk images of the type .dsk, .image and .img are best mounted with DiskCopy6 from within the emulator after copying them to the emulators "harddisk". Toast files can be mounted the same way with the Virtual DVD-ROM Utility: