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Inspired by Lauri.. sharing our old stories

I'll get the ball rolling with mine Smile

Growing up, TV console games and a Vic-20 computer were groundbreaking for me. My Atari 2600 was wonderful! Only arcade games beat playing at home! Then while serving in the armed forces, I was blown away again by Nintendo's Entertainment System.

But my more serious love of computing came at my college campus with the discovery of Macs, which ran System 6 on floppy disks at the time. Just the mere thought that I could carry around an entire OS in my pocket was mind-blowing! Juggling around fonts, DAs, INITs, and a word processor, or games, on a three and a quarter inch diskette was revolutionary to me! Macs had made me king of my own computing domain, wow!

My challenge was to find enough shared computers to get enough screen time to fool around, and work on my school stuff, college affairs and such.. any excuse to get on a Mac, really! Everything about them was fun and inviting. It brought out everyone's creativity and they were very addictive! You could call it the perfect fly trap, and we were all the flies, lol!

I also remember my very first 'Ideal Mac' at the time was 1) everyone's dream, a maxxed-out IIfx with a LW IIg Shock whoa, baby! But a slightly more attainable goal, was a IIci, ideally with a Radius portrait display and a Personal LaserWriter LS with a meg of RAM! Hey, as a broke college student, one could dream, right?


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Let me copy/paste a couple of my recent writings in the Bill's Delphi forum, ok ...

So you can visit DMZ? Sounds dangerous! I remember when I visited my brother in Zimbabwe. It was the year 1990. One night I was driving around the streets of Harare, it was quite late. There were soldiers building a roadblock ... I popped out of the car, a bit stupidly maybe, without any sense of possible danger ... the guys pushed their assault riffles against my stomach. But in the end, they turned out to be nice fellows. The road just needed to be closed -- they told me that it was necessary to do this every evening because the president's wife, Mrs. Mugabe, could not sleep otherwise! Haha! I had to find my way up north to Borrowdale using other streets!


Ok Smile

About danger.

I remember now another story. My first visit to the USA ever! Maybe in 1999 ... I'm not quite sure.

It was to Reading, PA. The trip was intended to fix the problems at the local newspaper, Reading Eagle. And also to teach me how the papers were published over there ... it was surprising how many small details there are in different countries. I had to tackle them all. I seem to remember that this was the time of QuarkXPress, not yet InDesign.

Anyway, they told me (and to my fellow coworker) that this is a dangerous city ... we should not go out at night. Of course we did not care about warnings -- young and stupid.

So, after walking around a bit, on our way to a local 7/24, we passed through an underpass. And then I smelled it: a strong smell of burnt cordite ... the smokeless powder used in small arms. I had my army days. Somebody had just shot here! We started to walk a bit faster, and eventually got back to our hotel alive!

Many more funny things happened during my visit! I will write about them either here, Macintoshgarden, or somewhere else. Now my fingers are too tired of typing! Haha!

I don't really understand why, but everywhere I go, strange things seem to happen! Could it be that even though I'm old (relatively) I'm still a bit like a child: walking around this globe eyes wide open.



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I'm still a bit like a child: walking around this globe eyes wide open.

Based on my own experiences, Lauri, there's simply no better way to really live life.. Smile

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It's been my experience that things tend to happen around everybody; most people just don't notice.

I've had a few times of being approached by "crazy" people on the street, and after sorting out what they were really trying to say, realizing that they'd actually been people of note earlier in their life, ended up on the streets through addiction, and just wanted someone to talk to.

And then there's the others who just turned out to be delusional.

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My story is that i grew up part of my life in the hood of Detroit (Ok till i was 7 Wink )
and my elementary school which i went too while i was in Detroit had yes in 2010 imac g3’s for there student computers and for teachers powermacintosh 9600’s which weirdly enough were running leopard i remember something about a early patcher back then that my school technicians used to get that up and running then i moved north to a place known as Lapeer which is basically countryside all around and my school from Detroit gave me as a pardoning gift a flower imac g3 600Mhz and i loved it still have it to this day and well thats one of my amazing story’s about my life with the mac i would like to share with you guys