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Joined: 2011 Oct 18
I have a Palm PDA! (plus cell phones for my cell phone collection.

I went to value village today (2/8/2013), and remembered the bag of cell phones that I saw last time I was here. My dad went ahead and bought them for me, and I took it home and opened the bag. I was exited. Suddenly, there was a HandSprings Visor Deluxe powered by Palm OS in the bag. The batteries in it were dead and had tiny clumps of acid on them. I took the batteries out of my GameBoy Pocket and put them in there, and it went through setup. I followed the on-screen instructions and everything. Finally, I got to the menu. When I held the lock button, the screen went backlit blue. (That's neat!) The previous owner must of threw it in the bag anyway.


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Congratulations! A bag of cell phones and a Palm device, wow.

I was looking through pawn shops recently to find a nice Android cell phone for running MiniVMac on it.
A four inch Android would be much easier to carry around than my netbook.
I could not make up my mind until now.
Which one would be best?
LG P990 Speed (Dual Core (1GHz), 512MB RAM, 4")
Huawei G330 (Dual Core (1GHz), 512MB RAM, 4")
HTC Desire X (Dual Core (1GHz), 768MB RAM, 4")
I want a fairly good still picture camera and FM radio included too. Smile

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I remember the ADB-driven FM Radio as well, owned it some years ago, but no longer.
Probably I've a disk image of its floppy disk somewhere.