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How would i get software across to a apple newton 1000h

i am planning on buying one of these but i can not find a serial cable for it so is there a alternative way to get software on this thing and if not where on ebay is a compatible cable


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What do you mean by "Newton 1000h?"

Here's a list of MessagePads:

Most of them have an RS422 serial port; I can't remember the connector type off-hand, but if you can get the connector, you can wire it to a regular serial cable pretty easily. But you need the one that matches your model.

[edit] as the original series is LocalTalk compatible, it likely contains a Mini-DIN connector like one of these:

[edit2] Doh; you meant the Newton H1000, AKA the MessagePad 100.

[edit3] "The MessagePad 100 series of devices used Macintosh's proprietary serial ports—round Mini-DIN 8 connectors. " -

So this means you could use a Mac Plus serial adapter if you can't find a MessagePad one (which sell for around $90).

Who knows? It's possible a Mini-DIN to USB adapter would even work, or a PS/2 to USB adapter (but probably not on this, as the pinout would be different).

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yeah i mean the original apple newton

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From the pics here: an Apple serial cable should do.
Same for S-VHS mini DIN cables, which will be way easier to acquire.

Software is here: (installation from floppy seems mandatory)