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Joined: 2017 Aug 10
How i could upload a old game?

I would like to upload "Who is Oscar Lake?" the version 2.0 of my disc put i dont know how to do it


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Joined: 2010 Jul 29

In basic terms, you need a computer that will read the disk so that you can make an image from it. From there you need to transfer it to a computer that is capable of accessing the internet so you can upload it.

Here is a link to the Garden's guide on the topic to get you started:

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Is it this game you want to upload?

If you have another language version, please consider uploading to the existing page.
As the game seems to come as hybrid Mac/PC CD, it may be best to do the image with IMGBurn for Windows.
Disk Utility may serve the same purpose, when you select DVD/CD Master as image format, resulting in a .cdr as output file.

If you wish, I can give you a DL link for a working Windows instance for Virtual Box.
IMGBurn is really simple to use and can handle a USB DVD/CD drive connected to your Mac.