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How can I make a Mini vMac .img or .dsk on OS9 in Sheepshaver?

EDIT: Looks like I gave up and asked just a moment too early, because I was able to do this with ImageMaster. I was looking for a way to delete the thread, but I guess it's good to have it here as a resource for anyone else looking to do it in the future.


I'm trying to figure out how to run OS6 games that come in a SIT, since as far as I'm aware the only way to get anything going on Mini vMac is via a disk image. I'm on Windows 10 so doing anything natively is out of the question, so I'm looking to unstuff the SITs in Sheepshaver and pack the games into .dsk or .img files so I can run them in Mini vMac.

So, what disk tool for OS9 can do this? I tried a handful of the big ones and none of them seemed to offer it. Alternatively, is there an easier way to get these old games onto Mini vMac when they don't come in the form of a disk image?


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There is an article here : that explains very well how to work with disk images and Mini vMac.
It's written for Mac and Win users, so it can help you.

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DiskCopy 6 is the solution to create .img NDIF images of various sizes.
I´m usually creating read/write images for best compatibility with MiniVMac.
Apple was not including this must have utility with the OS installation for unknown reasons.

Please see here: