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Help me - what educational game for 68k Mac was it?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the name of an educational game that I used to play around 1993 / 1994 on the family's Macintosh LC. It was an educational game to improve knowledge of the English language, containing like 4 or 5 mini-games that you could choose from the main menu.

I remember that in one game you had to find the right adjective for the shown person / item ("tall", "fancy", etc.). I also remember that there were various funny hats that would fall down from the ceiling unto your character on the left side of the screen.

The game was bought in the United States during a visit.

Anyone happen to know the name of that game? I'm dieing to look into it again... Smile

Thanks in advance!


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In Germany there was an educational game I used to play which was similar and it had Mahts, grammer etc. built-in as well as some games (e.g. Gobliins 1, 2, 3)...
I remeber also another game with cows etc... Do you perhaps recall the over-all theme of the game (i.e. with animals, how did the menu or main room look like?)
Try this ITP games collection perhaps you see the title somewhere inside:

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Still looking Smile

The mentioned ITP collection didn't hold the title ...

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All that comes to mind to me is Sammy's Science House, but that's probably not it...

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Did you guys have the original LC? LCs were all marketed to home users and educational markets since they lacked an FPU. The original LC only handled up to 10mb of RAM, had a nice 12-inch color screen and ran either system 6 and 7. Do you remember if you were using system 6 or 7? Seven as definitely out by then, but required a hard drive. Some LCs had internal hard drives but many of the lower-cost originals running system 6 were sold with dual floppy drives, I think.

Was the game on just one-floppy disk that was played on the floppy, cartridge-style? Your educational game sounds like it installed from a set of floppies onto a hard drive. Do you remember if it had an external hard drive. The OS and number of floppies may help narrow down the list just a little. You may have to look at old family photos now, lol Smile

We'll help you find it, just give us a few more clues of the setup you had back then.

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Jatoba, thanks but that screenshot does not ring a bell ... I don't think that is the one.

It was running on System 7. I think we had 7.1 at that time, on a HDD. (wasn't the dual floppy LC only offered to educational clients?). I vaguely remember a screen and I'd assume it had only 16 colors but not really sure on that one. It came on floppy disk(s) but don't ask me how many, this was 25+ years ago.

I remember the right side of the screen had the actual tasks while on the left side was a character with the hats falling from the ceiling. These hats would stack up. I seem to remember that there was also a math module where you had to solve simple stuff equations. Elementary school stuff.