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Joined: 2019 Apr 30
Happy new year!

Well, that year 2019 is leaving ... This year there are many good and bad memories left. We always like to celebrate New Year.
year, with friends, with his family. Many thanks to the users of IIGS_User, MikeTomTom, Franky233. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how to start the game "Die CD-ROM mit der Maus 2". Many thanks IIGS_User, for something that adds applications and games on Mac OS and Windows. Many thanks to other users of this site! I wish you all happiness, good health, great success so that this site becomes very popular next year! All with the upcoming new year 2020!


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Joined: 2018 Apr 16

Happy new year! Smile

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

Same to you, Alexander. Have a great 2020.

Happy New Year, to all.

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Joined: 2009 Aug 15

Happy New Year!

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Joined: 2016 Dec 30

and thanks for all the company.
Running software on my classic OS would just be half the fun w/o a place like the Garden, to talk about all of it.

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Joined: 2016 May 19

2020, my 32nd year using apple computers

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Joined: 2019 Apr 6

Happy new year to Jatoba, Alexander, all of you here. Happy new year to all of the team, all the admins, all the members & all of you who are preserving old Mac hardware & software. For celebrating that, I will upload somewhere a special gift. Stay connected or come back. Smile

[EDIT] The gift has now been added on that linked page.

Cheers to everybody Party & long life to the Garden.

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Joined: 2019 Sep 17

Happy late new year! I celebrate a birthday tomorrow!