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Games not recognized

I have a Mac Classic 1 and I wanted to play some games on it. The problem is that, when insert the floppy with the disk image, it reconizes it as a text document. What should I do?


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Do you have a later Mac with a floppy drive that can work as an intermediate? I download stuff on my 6100, unpack the sit files and then use disk copy to write the image files (.dsk) onto actual floppy disks that I then use on my Macintosh SE (SuperDrive)

In any case, your Classic won't mount images just like that, you'll need software to do that. What OS runs on the Classic? You could try the afformentioned Disk copy if you run System 7? On System 6 I'd try my luck with Mount Image. Though I had trouble mounting some of the later stuff with it on my SE.

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Some technical bg:

A disk image is a file originated from a floppy, so its content should be on the floppy directly.

Please follow the advice written by Bolkonskyij.

Btw, for technical experts (but not experts only, because I use it as well) :

Put the disk images onto a micro SD card and connect this drive to the floppy disk connector of your Mac:
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