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Joined: 2012 Nov 14
Finder replacement

* file browser like macos x column view
* process manager
* network interface manager
* network connections manager(bandwidth restrictions, etc)
* plugin/extension architecture to easily add mods
* built in web browser
* app store
* pixel level manipulation of the display(quick look, view media anywhere)
* terminal(applescript?)

anyone else have ideas about a replacement and the features?


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Joined: 2014 May 7

Hi, Are you going to write one ? Or are you looking for one ?
As for ideas, these you listed are a lot already. Even OSX finder doesn't do all that (terminal, web browser...).
I use GregBrowser myself. Would love if it had something like quicklook ( would love to have that on Tiger too).
There is Aladdin Desktop Tools doing a bit the same, but you can't change the keys, and its buggy on os 9 from my experience.

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Joined: 2018 Apr 16

For any Mac file browsing, I can't imagine using anything other than FinderPop. There are some third-party process managers, as well (I didn't try actually using them, however). For browsing, I think Classilla does a good enough job (with some limits of course), but of course, if anyone wants to develop new browsers, that's more than welcome.

A terminal sounds cool, though! Also, are you considering tinkering with the system software, as well? Some things, like surpassing the 1.5GB RAM limit, and allowing longer filenames (which HFS+ allows, but not Mac OS itself) are longtime desires of many. Some people over at various forums, such as MacOS9Lives, would love to assist you, I believe.