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F/A-18 Hornet Multiplayer

Hey folks! I thought I'd fire up the old F-18 and get a video of multiplayer.
Unfortunately I'm a 2.0 kind of guy and we're playing 3.1 ... so I'm pretty out of touch. And my opponent is truly clueless when it comes to this flight sim.

Having said that, emulation is nice - but sometimes there's nothing like getting an original CD and shoving it in a computer that will run the bastard natively!
I'd like to do some more F-18 vids once I get trained up again.

What I'd really like is for your opinion on how to capture video from these computers. One is an iMac DV, the other is a 2002 iMac G4. I think they both have some kind of Apple Display out, but I'm not sure what precise cable to use to plug into an RCA. From there I can plug into my new iMac with an Elgato USB.
So any thoughts there would be nice, as you're the only Mac people I know.

Cheers all!