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Dropbox, QEMU and Mac OS 7

I've always enjoyed engaging in networking challenges!

I used to share my Dropbox folder on Leopard onto Mac OS 7 via a shared folder until Dropbox dropped desktop support for OS X 10.5.

So could QEMU running Leopard on a supported version of Windows or OS X share a Dropbox folder that's shared by its host Windows or Intel-Mac (or that folder's contents, possibly via a backup folder tools in Leopard) to then share that folder from Leopard as a network volume?

Hopefully what I said makes sense? Laughing out loud


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Yes; easiest way is to do a network share between guest and host, and then do a further network share of the shared folder on the guest. It'll be slow, though.

You can also use the guest filesystem method, but that expects DOS style partitions, and so won't share the resource forks.

Depending on how you're sharing, you may also encounter resource fork sharing issues when doing the network share.

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Thanks, Adespoton Smile

I bet it'll be slow! Laughing out loud but if that's the price of having a shared Dropbox folder in Mac OS 7 again, I can live with that - I doubt I'd want to use it as a media library, to share collections of large-sized files, installers, CD or disk images. I imagine it would be more like small pdfs, (maybe) word docs, jpegs or png files to edit and send from and receive in Classic. I think it would still beat cluttering the system with retro-styled emailing back and forth Wink

I do recall sharing text clips in Dropbox that ended up as zero kb files that wouldn't open. No wonder! I always was curious as to what had happened with those: the resource fork failed to share, that's what happened! Shock