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Joined: 2020 May 13
Does anybody know where i can locate the .docx plugin for office 2001

does anybody know where i can locate this


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Yes and no. Smile
If you are talking about Office 2001 for Windows, yes there is a compatibility package available from MS:

Thinking of OSX, I doubt such a package is existing - lets hope I´m wrong, though.
What I am doing for downward compatibility is opening the x-files with Office 2011 in Mojave and saving them as .doc or .xls from there.
Maybe you could use MS Office 2008 for doing a similar thing?
OSX Tiger seems to be needed to run MS Office 2008 though.

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There is a converter application from Microsoft that will take a .docx as input and produce a .doc as output. It is called "Open XML File Format Converter", the last version was 1.2.1 and it required Mac OS X 10.4.9 Tiger. You can get it from the Microsoft Office 2004 page (3rd download). Office 2001 is for classic Mac OS (Mac OS 8.1 at least) and I highly doubt that Microsoft (or anyone else) ever made such a converter for classic Mac OS.

On the other hand, I'm always mixing up Office 2001 and Office v.X, which is also from 2001 but for Mac OS X. The mentioned converter will also work for Office v.X, but as already made clear, it will not run on anything less than Tiger. If I were to use Office v.X, I would run it on Mac OS X 10.0, 10.1 or 10.2 or so... where the converter doesn't run.

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Well does anyone know a way to convert these documents to Open XML standard fromat

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Some early versions of LibreOffice should offer OOXML support.
Trial and error will tell. Wink
Old versions are here:

Otherwise, a (virtual) Windows 2000 machine with Office 2000 could use the file converter from MS.
From Office 2000 (Win) and Office 98 (Mac) on .doc files should be compatible on both platforms (mostly).

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The Panergy Software converter is here:

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Another option is to use an online converter, although ymmv on how well your OS X PPC Mac will connect to converter websites. If you can email from your Mac, you can also email .doc documents out, convert them with a newer version of word on a modern Mac, PC, Linux OS or via an online translator website as I mentioned.

You can try any of the site I listed below; I know I've used some of them in the past, although they were trial and error as far as successful document translations, and sometimes it also depends on how simple or complicated the document's format is (thankfully word has always had cross-platform files and are the universally translated proprietary office word processing document formats):

Note: These are specifically for .DOC to .DOCX, although most of these sites can convert the other way around too..


The idea of using an open-source word processor is also a good option on a modern computer since the software is free to download, install and use and they come with pretty good translators as well.

I know old translation program tools did exist at some point for different versions of Word that ran in Classic, but those are harder to dig up nowadays and your success rate goes down depending on how new your .DOCX files are as far as the word processor that created or modified them, so even if you locate them, you may not get your money's worth (your time's-worth, really).

Another option if you don't necessarily want to edit the documents is to use print your documents to .PDF format, which any modern computer can easily read, even older .PDF formats since they have excellent compatibility and will look like the original documents.. it;'s the ultimate conversion, again, as long as you don't have to edit the documents you print to PDF.

What's neat about the PDF trick is that you can apply it to any printable document or screen from you Classic Mac. It's a one-way street from old system to new, and it excludes editing functionality, but if you don't need it, then that a perfect solution!

Hope these tips help you out! Smile

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IMO, the best solution is 24bit's -- I've been using LibreOffice for this (it also converts ClarisWorks documents) . The trick will be lining up the version of LibreOffice you want with the host OS you're using to do the conversion. If it's too old an OS, you might do better with OpenOffice than LibreOffice.

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Joined: 2020 May 13

Can someone show me a version that would work with jaguar

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Did you try Office 2004 already with the converter?
A few sources are stating that Office 2004 should run with Jaguar 10.2.8.

From the Star Office offsprings timeline, 2011 does correspond to LO 3.3,
so my guess about 3.3.1 was not that bad.
just give it a go, then you will know. Smile