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DisAsm - C Tool?

So, @nil0bject brought us the following quote from a book, in the MacsBug 6.6.3 page, some months back:

On Macintosh programming : advanced techniques I Daniel K. Allen.
ISBN 0-201-51737-X

DisAsm - C tool
This tool allows data forks and individual resources to be disassembled such that the resulting disassembly can be reassembled later. It is useful for exploring static code modules; MacsBug is the tool to use for exploring running code. In fact, to get the source code to MacsBug-with no comments-disassemble MacsBug's data fork with this tool.

Does anyone have that "DisAsm" / "DisAsm - C tool" app? It'd be interesting to locate it and have it here.


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While I don't oppose any addition of software into the glorious Macintosh Garden, you can already explore code using tools such as Resorcerer and have the whole listing with assembly functions. The subroutines take on generic names (unless there's a map file associated with it, but I don't know if you can get those out of the context of a real assembly development tool).

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Indeed, I just think "the more the merrier", so to speak. For disassembly, there's also Jasik's Debugger (which I don't have), and for early Mac OS, TMON. I'm not aware of others.

Now what I have never seen at all in Mac OS is a decompiler (program transforming machine code not into assembly code, but rather into some programming language), though I heard Jasik's debugger "makes guesses" as to which language and/or compiler was used based on certain assembly routines that are used.

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Sorry to bump this so much later. Don't remember where I got it, but had it for ages, just assumed it'd be here. Anyway, here's DisAsm: