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Dan's 20th. Century Abandonware

Does anyone know what happened to Dan's 20th. Century Abandonware site? It seems to be down. He had some cool stuff that is not on MacGarden. Among other things he had rare MacWrite II 1.1, MindWrite 2.1 and MacPublisher 1.1. He also contributed to MacGarden. Dan, where are you?


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Seems to be dead in the water for some time. You can view some pages on the wayback machine, there is a contact page there which may or may not be active.

[Edit] Unlikely, as it also points to

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Sad. I had a whole box of stuff ready to send to him.

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Wait a minute, the original creator of D2ca still exists:

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I am still out here. I was forced to make some changes which necessitated, unfortunately, taking Dan's 20th Century Abandonware down (no, I didn't get into any legal trouble). The whole story can be read here:

It was with a heavy heart that I took the site down after 11½ years.

But my project to collect and preserve 20th Century legacy computer software and other related items continues. All my collections are intact and I continue to add to these collections.

My latest Macintosh system added to my collection is a 1998 iMac/333.

My new Web information can be found, as sheepmyshaver123 kindly mentioned, here:





My username "D2CA" doesn't really apply now, but I'm keeping it to post on this forum.

Thanks to a very kind donation, in addition to the titles mentioned in the earlier post above, I also have titles such as MacWrite 1.0 & MacPaint 1.0 on the original 400K floppy disk, readable and usable.

I now maintain a scaled down website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. I invite everyone to visit these sites and everyone is welcome to contact me.

I am glad that there are those of you out here that still remember. Thank you.

If anyone has any legacy software they would like to donate, I continue to accept donations. All donations are mentioned on my Facebook page and Twitter and will include the proper credit and photos.

I now call my collections "Daniel's Legacy Computer Collections."

Thanks again,

Dan Rose

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Welcome back, Dan. It's only a matter of time that graphene and/or molybdenite processors will be out. Then silicon abandonware will raise to the status of rare antiques.

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Hi Dan! A friend of mine told me about you. Seems a lot of this stuff is pretty useful. Can you contact me at Thanks!

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So sad, as I put a request for Mac Write II not too long ago. Daniel, maybe you could load up that here, please. I've been looking for that program for some time, but I always came too late.