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since the world is currently being run via video conferences, i thought it might be interesting to add CU-SeeMe, the precursor to things like zoom:
cornell mirrors are all down and i never actually used the software back in the 90s, but maybe someone else has experience with it?


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Mostly out of curiosity I did have Cornell's CU-SeeMe running for a short time back in those earlier times. My hardware at the time, plus dial-up modem for internet connectivity, put me off using it extensively, and I decided that this was software "ahead of it's time" and I'd wait until I could afford better hardware and internet (I was hearing that ADSL modems were to become the "norm" and would revolutionize the way we use the www).

From that link you gave, this screenshot gives a good impression of how CU-SeeMe appeared on a typical 640x480 Mac display of the time. Note the frame-rates they were getting.

Also via that link, is this (Web Archive) page on the history behind the CU-SeeMe Project - It gives a good background to the project, it's goals and successes.

I had assumed that CuSeeMe would already be archived here, so, if not, why not add it to the MG's archive? Wink
It would be good to have a page (or two) dedicated to it. There were the initial freeware Cornell releases, and later, the White Pine commercial version releases.

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I remember that well, I had that first QuickCam and a brand new PPC 4400/160! . One could see oneself even! Remember entering those "reflectors" and watching strangers in there.

The band width was so narrow at a frame rate of 1fps. I fancied communicating with some friends, but actually almost none had the camera, microphone, info and time in 1997)..

Nevertheless it was the beginning of teleconference, not much to see but scattered live pictures of faces. However I was asking myself if any reflector is still on today? Anyway, as a tool to show a live event or something might still serve but, even today, most calls are sound only. For communication ICQ was at the time much more reliable because using only sound, so less bandwidth than video.

I still have some versions of the software, now that i see it isn't here, should we upload it? Perhaps a reflector be reestablished can that be made? There were "reflectors scanners" back then.

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should we upload it?