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Creating a Macintosh book

Recently I was thinking how cool would it be to create a print book of pre-OS X Macintosh apps and games? I mean, I have "Totally Rad Mac Programs" and "The Macintosh Bible Guide to Games" on print, and it would be great to create some sort of "Macintosh Garden" library of books, possibly detailing every program ever made.

Unfortunately, I realized that it would take quite a bit of work to not write it in a past-tense, jaded view of things. Most of lack actual old Macs, relying on emulators, because we don't have the time, the money, or the space. And a lot of old apps don't work properly, or don't work at all, on emulators. Plus, it's so fun to read about things like in TRMP about the Quadra being an ungodly amount of power, or imagining if Sierra On-Line, Brøderbund, Maxis, and Spectrum HoloByte were all healthy, independent companies.

Another alternative is to find snippets of these, from things like TRMP or TMBGtG, or the excellent BMUG Newsletters, but these are protected by copyright, so no go.

I don't know: I thought it would be fun.


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would be pretty cool to see, allot of work, but very cool

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That would be so cool!