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Joined: 2020 May 13
Created a version of PCem that emulates a Mac iifx/ci on a 4s using a jailbreak coding app on iOS 5.1.1

I will upload later as it is still compiling (have it hooked up to my MacBook late 2007 and am coding most of it through terminal and Xcode but some of it with a jailbreak app)


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You're going to run up against memory issues on a device that can run iOS 5 -- at least if you're loading the disk images directly into memory. I'm intrigued at the approach though... and curious how mouse management is handled. I like the method used in "Mini vMac for iOS", personally.

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Joined: 2020 May 13

yeah thats what i ran into unfortunately even on a 4s which eventually got stuck in a bootloop it refuses to get out of even tried dfu to no avail