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Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel on Mini vMac?

I know I've played Cosmic Osmo & The Worlds Beyond the Mackerel on a real Mac and I believe an emulator too. But, when I tried it in System 6 on Mini vMac (which it SHOULD work at), it claims the .img is unreadable and asks if I want to initialize the disk. Has anyone gotten success at that...?


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The problem with this CD image is that it has been made as a Disk Copy 6.x "Compressed Format" disk image.

Which means it's incompatible with adding to an emulators list of mountable disks or dropping into a Mini vMac window to mount. Mac emulators cannot use compressed disk images in this way, these need to be flat and uncompressed, or mounted from within an emulated HD (System 6 will barf on NDIF disk images, so no luck to be had there, either).

It can only be used by copying into a Mac's HD or an emulator's HD and mounted by using Disk Copy 6.x (or any other disk mounter software that can handle compressed NDIF disk images), or burned back to a CD blank.

Also of note, this disk image when unStuffed, extracts to 60MB file size. Mounted, it becomes a full 650MB CD in size
with 550+ MB's of free space on board.

[Edit] I've added a Mini vMac compatible copy of the CD image as the 2nd DL in the Cosmic Osmo CD page (without the 550MB's of wasted space).