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Corrupted "Romanized" Japanese in the Mac OS

OK, so recently I installed a Japanese game, and despite the Language Kit on my emulated OS 8.6 system, the file names still come out as gibberish, with names like "ÉUÅEÉ^ÉèÅ[IIÉCÉìÉXÉgÅ[Éâ", and even copying it into HTML (on the host system) and changing encoding doesn't seem to reverse it. What am I doing wrong?


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You don't have WorldScript installed. It's on the installer CD inside the CD Extras folder, I think.
When I lived in Japan, it was called the Japanese Language Kit and I used it for System 7.1. It meant that I didn't have to install KanjiTalk.
You will get the Kanjitalk IME, you will be to type nihongo de (ii ne) and, best of all, you will see the hiragana, katakana, kanji in all of their glory.

The reason you see the likes of ÉUÅE has to do with the encoding. East-Asian languages are double-byte encoded, namely there are 2 bytes for every symbol, rather than the usual one. This is just before Unicode.