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Joined: 2010 Oct 14
Color Vette! Not distorted?

Anyone have a method to get Vette! running in Color without it being all crazy and distorted? I've tried it in both Basilisk and SShaver with OS 7.1 - 9.0 and never have been able to play it in anything other than B/W. Anyone?


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Joined: 2010 Aug 7

Have you tried reducing the color depth? IIRC it only runs in 16-colors.

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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

Setting the color back to 16 is the only option I've found.
Because of this game probably works in Mini-vMac and Bas II only.

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Joined: 2013 Jan 21

Vette! can now be run in color on current builds of Mini vMac emulating a Macintosh II. I am playing it in Mini vMac version 3.4.1 (with System 7.1) on MacOS Sierra and it works perfectly with the emulator set at x4 speed.

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The guys developing M.A.C.E. have just posted a fix for exactly this issue, at:

Amazing work Smile