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CD-ROM Support

Is it possible to use CD-ROMs under System 6 in Mini vMac II?

I've tried installing the Apple CD-ROM driver for System 6 from 1992 but it still claims it can't read the disc...


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No. Not physical CD ROM discs, anyway. Only CD images (.cdr, img, .iso, .toast, etc) dropped into a running Mini vMac's window to mount them... and this also depends on how well the CD image was created to begin with. Not all are equal and some work where others won't mount this way because they are not ISO compatible.

Compatible ISO images will mount. Incompatible images will cause Mini vMac's OS to throw up an error message along the lines of "This is not a Macintosh disk. Do you want to format it?" Or similar messages.

BTW. CD images dropped into a running Mini vMac window, do not mount as CD's. They mount like any other disk image that can mount in this emulator, including the startup disk, as a somewhat super-sized Read/Write floppy disk. So, CD drivers are of no use here as CD's are not recognized as such. Lock all CD images before mounting them, if you want to preserve their original form, date and time stamps, etc.

Exceptions here are:
1). ISO images that do not have System 6 hidden desktop files on the CD image. You would need to mount the image unlocked to allow System 6 to recreate it's desktop file, before it could mount.
2). ISO images that are HFS+ formatted. HFS+ was introduced with Mac OS 8.1 and will never be able to be accessed under 68020 emulation.