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Can anyone could put the toast image insted of the bin cue files on the Prime Target vidogame page?

i know that this to anoying put...why to put a bin cue image if you can put the result of the toast image of the original cd of Prime Target?, for me is to difficult to use the toast 5 to do the image, and whe i use the toast 11 it dosent procces good(beacuse the bin cue files are olds), so... can anyone could put the image insted of the bin cue files on the Prime Target page please?


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Actually bin/cue is the only way to preserve the original optical CD volume.
The .toast image is the first DL on that page.
Everything needed seems to be in place, methinks.

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To burn these to CD you need to get your burner software to use the .cue file, to start the burn.

The reason why there are bin/cue files, is, this is the only way you can create an archive file from a mixed-mode CD. That is, a CD containing Data in one track and Audio in other separate tracks.

You cannot create a Toast image from a CD containing mixed tracks of data and audio and turn it into a single track CD retaining both data and audio tracks.

Here's another gotcha for you. SheepShaver (which is what you want this for, right?), cannot play burned CD's that are mixed-mode, containing separate data and audio tracks. It physically will not recognise this type of CD.

That is why there are separate DL's on that page. The top DL contains the Data track from the game CD in a single .toast image file. And in a separate folder, the audio tracks from the original CD converted to .mp3 files for playback (intended for use with SheepShaver).

The advice on that page says to run the game in SheepShaver and to play the .mp3 music files on your host computer at the same time, if you want to hear the audio tracks as well as play the game.

  • How to play this game on SheepShaver:
    1. DL the #1 archive "" (91.21 MB) to your computer and unzip the file
    2. Inside the unzipped folder, copy or move the file named "PrimeTarget_1_2.toast" into the "shared" folder that you can access from SheepShaver.
      • Alternatively: Burn this .toast file to CD media & skip to step 5 (see last entry in "Notes", below).
    3. Start SheepShaver and when it's up and running copy the "PrimeTarget_1_2.toast" file from the "shared" folder to inside an emulated HD (such as the Mac OS 9 startup disk). You cannot use files while they are still in the "shared" folder, that folder is for moving files between host and emulated environments. If you don't have enough room on the emulated startup disk, you need to add a second emulated HD that has enough disk space to accommodate the .toast image.
    4. Mount the .toast image using the Virtual CD/DVD Utility from here (install this utility before you proceed with playing this game).
    5. With the CD mounted in SheepShaver, run the CD's install program, installing the game to some location on your emulated HD. Restart SheepShaver if requested to.
    6. With the CD mounted (using the Virtual CD/DVD Utility, if mounting the .toast image).
    7. Open the PT folder on your HD where the game was installed to and start the game up. Configure the settings. For best results set the game to 1000's of colors and use keyboard controls only.
    8. Launching the game shows a short animation which you can quit by typing [Command + Q] keys, this starts the game proper.
    9. To play the .mp3 audio tracks, switch back to your host computer and drag the "audio" folder containing the .mp3's onto a media player to run the tracks. - VLC works well for this.
    10. Switch back to SheepShaver and resume play.
  • Notes:
    • Not a perfect solution for the audio tracks and game play, but works.
    • This game demands that the CD is mounted at all times during play.
    • It's possible to load the .toast by adding it to SheepShaver's GUI before launching the emulated Mac. This works OK for installing the game. But not for play. The game insists on an actual CD and this is where the Virtual CD/DVD Utility comes in. It fools the game into thinking a CD is there.
    • It's also possible to burn this .toast file to actual CD media and mount that in SheepShaver instead (negating the need for steps 2, 3 & 4, above). This requires a host PC with a physical CD/DVD drive to work.
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put when i make the image with the bin cue the cd was different than the cd image of the first download, what i dont understand yet is why the music dont sounds.
And for fooling the emulator i only go to the prefences of sheepshaver and then i ad the image and the option "is a cdrom"

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SheepShaver cannot play CD's containing data (the game) and separate Audio tracks. It doesn't understand mixed mode CD types.

"And for fooling the emulator" <- It's not to fool the emulator, it's to fool the game. It's the game that requests an actual CD to be mounted during play. If your SheepShaver can do this and you can play the game, then fine. But for me, using an actual CD or the image mounted using the CD Utility, mentioned above, is what works.

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It seems like using the 1st download (Toast Image) will work best for you.

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You need to use an mp3 player to play the music.
In it's original form Apple CD Player probably would have been used by the software to play the CD/Audio partition of the disc. At least that's the way Warcraft I worked.