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Burning Disks - Windows Help

I know this might be the wrong section but I am haveing such a hard time burning os9 and geting it to boot in systems.

I am useing this un-stuff it in windows to get the file out, I end of with a toast file some times or another kind of a file.

I rename the file to .iso (as toast files are iso's with toast)

I then burn with IMG burn, (a free tool for burning disks in windows.)
Some one I know uses it for older cd based game systems and even dvd *cough* ps2 *cough*
So I know its not the burning porgram thats causeing the problem unless it is.

I have burned the imac installer disk and it wont boot, The disk must think I'm dumb. (Yes I am holding c down) The imac I am trying to install on is one of the tray loader.
If I hold C it stall on boot, and will not recover. Startup disk tells me its not a vaild boot point, but the folder is blessed.
I have tryed safe mod and to no avail.
I burned a set of 10.3 disks and I got the same problem.
its very hard to get them to boot and when they do they just dont want to work right.

Whats up here?


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Hi, I think the 1st problem you have is in using Stuffit for Windows.

I use ImgBurn on Windows for burning and making ISO's of ALL of my Mac CD/DVD's and haven't made a coaster yet.

I have in the past tried using Stuffit for Windows and I refuse to ever go down that path again. If I need to use Stuffit (because some archive is a .sit etc) I will only use this product on a Mac. That is, if I DL any Mac archive to a Windows box I will move it to a Mac (even a Mac emulator) to deal with the unstuffing of it before I proceed further.

Is the OS 9 disc that you've burned compatible with the Mac you want it to boot up? Do you have any other Mac you can test your disks on? Does the CD mount on your iMac's desktop normally (not trying to boot up from it) when the iMac is running? If so can you detect if the CD contains a bootable partition -->via "Startup Disk" Control Panel?

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I had very long post and then chrome deleted it. Bad chrome
I have other macs and they will see the disk just like the Imac does but refuses to boot from them start up disk says they are grayed out. There is a system folder and it has been "blesses"
I have only a pc to open this stuff up as its my system for burning.
Why can we not use rar for osx\os disks? That would just work better.

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@Mycatisbigfoot notes:

...just like the Imac does but refuses to boot from them start up disk says they are grayed out. There is a system folder and it has been "blesses"

If the System Folder appears grayed out in the Startup Disk CP, then it is no good for booting. Besides, "blessing" a System Folder would require the System Folder to be "Read/Write" at the time I would think. You can not bless the system folder on a locked drive or disk/CD... no?

You might be better off looking in here for a suitable system CD/DVD image. All archives here require WinRar or 7-Zip 9 to extract (links at bottom of page) - Many thanks to jonnyboy for pointing out this excellent archive.

Good luck.

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I´ve burned OS 7.5 and OS 8.1 off my original CD´s
using Alcohol 120% for windows and they boot fine,
never tried OS9 (because I don´t have it)
the one I use for Sheepshaver, I just copied an OS 9 system folder onto a new
HD blank image and bam!, it worked...

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Just to check if your OS9 CD is blessed or not, copy the System Folder from the CD to hard disk / disk image. Can you boot from that ?

Shouldn't be an issue with OS9, but for OSX install discs I find Toast is pretty unreliable, need to use Disk Utility Master (.cdr) instead.