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Best Website Builder

What in everyones opinion is the best web builder? I bought Adobe Go Live 5 and it works ok but is a little bloated in options and is generally confusing for what I need. Any ideas? I was going to use Apple Works.


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Used Claris Homepage 3.0 Demo for years, while running classic Mac OS versions (to re-start the demo cycle, it was just needed to delete the application's preferences file).

Currently, I'm using Freeway Express.

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Adobe PageMill

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Of course, it depends on what you want to publish on the web.

With a clearly defined objective of what you want to produce, a little planning and a couple of good tutorials on OO-PHP and CSS, you can achieve wonders - better than anything whisked up in a top-end package - with just a good tabbed text editor.

The good tutorials on PHP are the hard one to find, all those I seem to come across produce dogs-dinner code. Get it right, and the amount of security just right, and developing is a breeze - 45 minutes to design a page, 5 minutes to write it, 5 minutes to test it and 5 minutes to extend the core functionality with the new ideas the page has given you.

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I liked using PageMill 3.0 but I got disgusted after while because the layout of the page showed up different in every browser. I found it looked best in IE5 which I despise anyway. I used Go Live like I said before and it was a little overbearing in how many functions I had to use for a simple task. I guess it's about what you want like bertyboy said. I'm just looking for a middle ground on consistency in OS9 and ease of use. I guess thats why for some reason I remember website links for different browsers because of the HTML display inconsistencies between the browsers. Thanks for the help guys but I guess I think I'll try using Appleworks and maybe I'll try Microsoft Word 2001. Maybe I'll even go back to PageMill

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@hiteckredneck129 mentioned:

I bought Adobe Go Live 5 and it works ok but is a little bloated in options...

Had you ever tried Go Live before Adobe bought the rights to it? I haven't tried Abobe's GL but I used GL 3 before Adobe got their mitts on it. I found it was pretty good - and probably less bloated I imagine.

Anyway, the pre-Adobe Go Live demo's that came out on various Mac mags (MacFormat I know had the whole series 1 - 3), if you obtained a full serial, they became activated as fully functional, not time-bombed programs. Something to look out for, perhaps.

It had a different name back then, too. GoLive was the company name that produced it - Adobe bought the company, dropped the product's name and called it GoLive (I can't recall that original name off-hand).

[Edit] It was then called "CyberStudio" by GoLive Systems, Inc. Adobe bought it and the Company name then rebadged "CyberStudio" as "GoLive". I've used GoLive CyberStudio 2 & 3, I thought version 3 was pretty good at the time. See this Wikipedia entry for the product timeline.