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an apple II emulator that runs on system 8?

i am looking for a mac emulator that emulates an apple II or something that has a low resolution with color of 256... on my macintosh system 8.

unless anyone can show me how to install 2 mac OS on the same hard drive...

currently i have system 8.6 installed...

a game that i really want to play and used to play doesn't run on system 8.6...


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The first Apple ][ emulator on the Mac I used is the shareware application "IIe" by Vincent and Victor Tan, which can still be downloaded at:

Scroll down to download the file of this name, which include IIe.

You may also read the readme file of IIe which is online here:

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wow... looks complicated...

oh well... but i already figured something else...

or people helped me out in another direction.. but thx anyways! Smile