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Anyone want to help test an image I'm putting together?

I started a small project to make a Mac boot disk for some kids. They're going crazy and bored stiff at home. I've hit a wall and figured it wouldn't hurt to get help to make it better. To give credit where credit was due, I tucked in a welcome note in the drive:

Update: A copy of the image, updated 3/30/20 with two new games.

Added OS 8.1, worked on it under Basilisk II using an 1mb Old World rom. 24bit tested it on SheepShaver and it works! Diamonds and other games I enjoyed on my old 68k Macs weren't very stable. I tried adding Kid Pix Deluxe to my update, but it only runs on 640x480 sized-displays.

I'd love to add more non-crashing games and programs, preferably small ones that give the most bang for a little kid's time at home as well as system-enhancing extensions like gl game sprocket extensions and other useful programs and utilities I missed! For their varied ages anything from simple to more involved would be perfect.

Tesserae and Triazzle were added to the image drive. Besides the Apple's puzzle game, I originally added Shanghai II, Seahaven Towers, JewelBox, a self-mounting image of Tetris. I also added a few fun extensions along with Mod player, QuickTime, ImageViewer, Word 5.1 w/a color toolbar and iCab. Tools included: Virtual Toast/DVD/CD mounting program, DiskCopy, ShrinkWrap, DropStuff and Stuffit Expander.

I'm tempted to include a dock (come to think of it, A-Dock would work with SheepShaver Smile) and an aqua kaleidoscope theme: I'd love to know thoughts on adding these. Given all the grief and despair in the world right now, this may be part of the more fun distractions both we and these kids could use to help cope with the scary viral meltdown happening all around us.

Once it's worked on a bit more, any of us can distribute it to kiddos we know Smile hopefully they can set this up easily. After all, it's not only my project, but our whole Mac family's!


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Awesome work, comrade. Your image can boot with SheepShaver, OldWorldROM, too.
Maybe add this one too to the games selection?
But then there are tons of gems collected here…

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And of course, for those enjoying the image, don't forget to fill out Smile