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Joined: 2009 Oct 23
Ahem (Thank you for reading)

First off, The Garden is a nice little community with quite a load of treasures to be found, a few good tips here and there, so I applaud this fine little community with a seemingly friendly userbase.

However, something caught my eye.
There are downloads linked directly to MacDomain's FTP server; this I do *not* like.
There are login credentials posted to MacDomains FTP server; not good at all.

See, we over at MacDomain provide a free service for our userbase, and it saddens me to see that it is abused like this - reposted on other sites. Space and bandwidth costs money, keeping things in order takes time and money, and this is something that we provide - for free.

In other words... don't do it.
You are however free to come on over to our site, sign up, get some free stuff while you're at it - but do not spread login credentials or link directly to our files.. and as someone else said that we're not contactable, we are. We're on the same IRC network as the Garden - able to guess where?

Either way, thank you for taking the time to read through, it's not meant to be offensive in any way, just a heads up.


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Joined: 2009 Aug 7

Dear fogWraith. Im guilty. Take my apologize.
I do it, because MacGarden have big problems with disappear upload links.
I make links to Macdomain only to my uploads.
But it was wrong way...
Sorry, and I promise not do it in future.

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand some...

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Joined: 2009 Aug 7

MacDomain seems do have changed its website; it does no longer seem to have an archive. Or am I wrong?

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Joined: 2009 Apr 18

Seems the FTP-site has changed log/pw too.

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Joined: 2009 Aug 3

Just restructuring right now. It'll be more community-focussed with a more appealing layout. FTP & else should be back soon if I understood the admins correctly. They're right now setting up the board.

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Joined: 2010 Mar 6

Duly noted.

Next time, though, less condescension.