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Adobe Premier Pro 2

Does anybody have this? Seems like the CS2 here doesn't include it. Have read this is the last version that works in PowerPC.


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Not saying it doesn't exist. I hope it does and gets uploaded for you.

Just noting that when Adobe had it up for free downloading a few years back, they only offered the Windows version for download. See 3rd screenshot on the CS2 page.

Otherwise I would have been happy to oblige.

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No worries - am just hopeful. Sadly, without CoreImage, it's like the only Professional HD-Capable Image editor for PowerPC Macs. I've tried Final Cut Express, and it isn't bad, but is STRIPPED WAY DOWN and has a number of bugs (I pretty much had to lock the pref file, because if I don't the app will not reopen after the 1st time).

The only other option is Hyperengine-AV and while it's easy to use, and honestly pretty cool (reminds me a lot of Kdenlive - but even easier), it often has a number of render-glitches that make it hard to use for serious work.