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Adobe Aftereffects: Anyone have it?

A friend and I were able to acquire a considerable amount of old Mac software (much of which is not on here) from a guy who was getting rid of them. We hope to upload them in time.

Although, I was just curious. Does anyone have any of the older versions of Adobe Aftereffects? I know there were old classic versions dating back to 1993. I think this would be considered abandonware by now. If anyone has the disks, or maybe the early OSX versions (which I'm not sure are abandonware) could you please upload them?


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I got v6 off eBay some time ago, just perfect for my MDD and PMG5. The older versons do come up on eBay every so often, but they cost more than the more recent versions.

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I have a sit archive of the AE 4.0 (not the disk, but it works-tested on a g3 266 Mcoys 9.2.2) packed with a huge collection of plugins... all expired by now, but you know the trick... well, let me see how to upload it...

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