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I recently read the post of EA's cease and desist letter in regards to Sim city 2000. I don't know if I've just trying to be optimistic, but is there anyway to petition EA to put Sim city 2000 in the public domain, or petition for legislation in favor of abandonware? I can understand their reason if they are including in the box set with updated graphics and computer specifications, but asking Macintosh garden to take down the old version?


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It may be possible, but not likely.

You can find copies of the old Mac version on Ebay and Amazon.

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Just because it's not on Mac Garden it's not available on the non-torrent Internet. Keep looking.

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EA may be shifting, but not going completely abandonware. They recently licensed 3 titles to Good Old Games (GOG.COM) with more to come, which is as close to abandonware that EA have ever come.

Unfortunately, my all-time favourite (Future Cop: LAPD) was not among those mentioned... grrr