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Zoom Lens 2.5

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MD5: 780036ac27c8125033ff9c8a985fd6b9
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Mini vMac

Zoom Lens is a small application that magnifies the portion of the screen under the mouse cursor. The magnified image can be copied to the Clipboard. The magnification scale can be set at various options from 1:1 to 24:1. You have have the "lens" follow the mouse, or freeze it in one position on the screen (by pressing Caps Lock). Color information about the pixel under the mouse cursor is also displayed.

The application is on a Disk Copy 4 disk image (1.4MB) inside a StuffIt 3.5 archive.

Architecture: 68k PPC

Zoom Lens is also useful under System 6, as long as you're running MultiFinder (so you can zoom in on things other than Zoom Lens itself!).