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Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 (Dayton)

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dayton-2.3-20020704-install.iso (646.09 MB)
MD5: c74523621c8887bdfee4b12214fef9b8
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Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 (Dayton) for PPC Macs.

Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 now offers the KDE 3 desktop, which incorporates effects like GUI "translucency." It also defaults to the CUPS print system, a Web-based configuration tool that simplifies support for a wide range of printers. YDL 2.3 also includes "apt-get," a replacement for "yup," utilities that help Linux users stay up to date with new product releases. Apt-get incorporates automatic dependency handling to help simplify package management.

Other updates in Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 include kernel 2.4.19, KDE 3.0.1, OpenOffice 1.0, CUPS print system, apt-get for RPM, Mozilla 0.9.9, Galeon 1.2, Evolution 1.0.5, AbiWord 1.0.2, Netatalk and xmms-cdread plugin.
- MacWorld

Architecture: PPC


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, January 23 - 7:16pm

@kamacie That's plenty of them, but not all. As I mentioned, versions beyond 6.2 exist, but were not distributed publicly (only sold commercially back then).

kamacie's picture
by kamacie - 2020, January 23 - 2:39pm

All version are available here

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, January 18 - 4:46pm

That's an interesting historical release of YDL. For the curious, you can find "out there" far more up-to-date versions (although YDL itself has been discontinued for years, IIRC). The latest CD release is of version 5.0.2 (as opposed to 2.3 here) from mid 2007, and the latest overall public release was 6.2 from mid 2009 (DVD image). IIRC, there were some more versions later on, but not for long before being discontinued, and those versions were never made public.

If anyone has a version of YDL later than 6.2, that'd be interesting to hear about. Hearing from a YDL Workstation owner would be interesting, too, considering it's basically a G5 Quad with twice the RAM capacity (32 GB) and a few other interesting differences (ports, no liquid-cooling system etc.).

IIRC, YDL used to be popular on PS3, as well, which had a "G5-inspired" PowerPC processor called "Cell". If only PS3s, Xbox 360s and Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Wii U were made to natively boot into Mac OS and Mac OS X, too. Tongue