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XTND Developer's Kit 1.3

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MD5: 138251053a53785875888af5f9a3ac93
For System 7.0 - 7.6
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This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

XTND was a document import/export system developed by Claris for their products on the Apple Macintosh. Products supporting XTND placed an additional popup menu in the open and save dialogs, allowing users to read and write documents of any supported format. The name is a four-letter contraction of extend, the Mac using four-letter identifiers in its system resource files.

XTND was first introduced on some of Claris' "II" releases -- MacWrite II, FileMaker II and MacDraw II. The system proved popular and became a major selling point for Claris products, which were otherwise considered somewhat "low end". The system was soon used by a number of other products as well, and became fairly common during the early 1990s.

Around 1990/91 Claris gave the system to Apple, who eventually re-branded it as a basic part of the Mac OS known as the Translation Manager. They also added Macintosh Easy Open which offered to open unknown documents using software installed on the machine and converting it using XTND. A developer's guide, XTND Programmer's Guide, was published in 1991 along with the XTND Developer's Kit 1.3, which was placed on their FTP site. XTND broke on the Power Macs, but an extension-to-the-extension released in 1993 fixed that for a time. By the 1995/96 time frame it appears Apple had already abandoned the entire system.

- Wikipedia, XTND

Download contains disk image of XTND Developer's Kit 1.3

Architecture: PPC


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by soudesune - 2021, March 18 - 8:36pm

The XTND Programmer's Guide would be nice to have here, if anyone has it.