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X68000EM (JP X68000 Emulator) + Extras

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Emulator for the X68000, a home computer created by Sharp Corporation,
first released in 1987, sold only in Japan.

The first model features a 10 MHz Motorola 68000 CPU (hence the name), 1 MB of RAM, and no hard drive; the last model was released in 1993 with a 25 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU, 4 MB of RAM, and optional 80 MB SCSI hard drive. RAM in these systems is expandable to 12 MB, though most games and applications do not require more than 2 MB. (Wikipedia)

The CD is a hybrid Mac / Windows one with more than twenty games for the X68000, some more games for its predecessor the X1.
All files are LZH compressed and programs to inflate are added for Mac and Windows.
The Mac X86000 app is PPC only, the Windows counterpart should run on 32bit OS.

Maybe someone good in Japanese, who likes to explore old game consoles can fill in the details.

Architecture: PPC


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by Jatoba - 2019, December 17 - 7:45pm

So, I decided to poke at this guy today a little bit, and see what's up with it.

This emulator has a proper name, which is X68000EM. You can download the latest versions of it for each Mac platform, plus related files, from its now-defunct website, here. Very luckily, each of the listed downloads has been archived by There, you'll find versions of the emulator across all Mac platforms (at least PowerPC and Intel).

The upload contained here is a hybrid Mac/Win .ISO file that contains, as far as I could tell, at least 3 important things: MacLHA (inside SETUP folder), which is used to extract the emulator and game ROMs from the compression format they come in, the emulator itself and a lot of game ROMs.

I couldn't start the emulator in the end, because I got thrown some error message, which I assume says that I lack the/an "IPL-ROM". I'm not sure if that's the solution, but there's an X68000 ROM file of some sort as a separate download in the author's website, which could or not fix the issue.

I'll try the downloads from the official website at some later time.

Edit: For many other Japanese PC emulators on Mac, here's a good reference to find them all.